2004 Arcadian Syrah Hommage à Max

Well, well, well, what a wine. Looking for a “comfort” wine to drive away the time change blues. When it gets dark before going home at 5 PM I feel like I’ve worked in to the night. Smoke, flowers and dark fruit on the nose. Nice peppery black fruit on the palate with polished tannins and acidity to balance everything out. This has all the stuffing to last many, many years. I’m sure the profile would change to an even more mature wine, but this is so enjoyable right now I don’t know that I would think it was any better. I’ve spent a lot more on some other new world Syrahs but can’t honestly say I’ve enjoyed those bottles as much as this one.
Just stellar! Wow!

Really enjoyed the 04 but liked the 05 vintage a bit better. Great wine!

Just opened one last week based on david’s Rec. this wine is stuffed to the gills. I think it’s gonna go the distance

Tim-I feel you on that time change adjustment. 6:00 tonight felt like the middle of the night. Takes a bit to normalize.
Great note on what seems to be a tremendous wine from recent notes I’ve read. I’ve drank a whole bunch of Arcadian of the years but never one of the Max’s Syrahs. May need to try to backfill on this one.
Thanks for the nice note on this one.

Appreciate the note, I have a bottle of 2004 and 2008 from last year’s Berserker Day that I haven’t opened yet. Excited to drink them but it sounds like there’s no rush to open based on the input here (but no reason not to).

That’s right, I forgot the 04 and 08 were a Berserker day deal. Very good deal too as I recall.

This wine took 2-3 days to open up for me using a Repour but boy was it a beauty when it did. Solid core of dark/purple fruit and a nose to match. One of Joe’s more fruit-forward syrahs but this wine is absolutely delicious and complex. Looking forward to picking up my next shipment in a couple of weeks!