2002 Lafon 'Mersault, Perrieres'. Small amt for sale. Price Reduction!

I owned 9 bottles. Had one the other night. It’s great but it isn’t going to hold for 5-10 more years. And I don’t need to drink 8 of them over the next 2-3 years. 4 is fine.

I have 4 to go.

a total of 6 bottles have traded this year (Wine Market Journal Data), average price of $453 per bottle. I have 4 to go at a 20% discount to the average, so what I would get in an auction. Full advantage to the buyer!

4 bottles, $1,450 + shipping. Buyer takes all shipping risk unless you live in NYC and then I’ll be happy to just drop 'em off.

Purchased in '05 or '06, been in my cellar ever since.

For this one, willing to break it up into 2-bottle lots at $750 per 2-bottle lot…

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Hey, honesty is the best policy. I think it’s really great white Burg if you’re gonna drink it in 2014 or 2015. Beyond that, the decline is coming. I would absolutely not put this in the cellar for 2022 to see what happens!

One bump and then they’re going into the ‘drink over the next 2 years’ rotation!