2001 Pegau Reservee

I took this to Dovetail in NYC before a show on Saturday night. This had a little funk that completely blew off after it was decanted. Beautiful ruby color that was echoed by the brightness of the fruit. Plenty of acidity, but the tannins are mostly resolved. Lovely garrigue and peppery aromas. Plenty of sweetness to the fruit to complement the underlying meatiness. And a beautiful lingering finish. Simply outstanding. BTW, the food and service at Dovetail on the upper west side were exceptional.

Thanks David! Sounds like no rush, but drinking great.

All of my 2001 Pegau turned south–too bad for me I guess. But people may want to check in on them.

Yeah, a bit of a funny wine.

Had a couple of dud bottles, then 2 great ones in a row…

Have had two or three in the last 6 months and each was surpurb

We opened one on Saturday night. My experience was similar to David’s, though I felt like there is still plenty of tannin. Based on that bottle, I’m expecting years of drinkability from my remaining bottles.

I have a few more and I agree that they have another six or seven years of prime drinking left in them. My experience with Pegau is that it seems to age effortlessly, so I may be underestimating its ageworthiness. As for duds, this is my third bottle and they have all been excellent.

Even more than the 2001, I found the 2000 Pegau to be aging fairly quickly, with older bottles starting to lose their spiciness and complexity. Perhaps they were in a dumb phase before the secondary characteristics really set in, but I am not convinced…

2000 was one of my woty so far…had an exotic note to it that brought it to another level