2001 calera jensen tn

Very penetrating nose of camphor, orange pekoe, rose oil, sour cherries, and a hint of spices. Still youthful with a huge mid palate lift of juicy cherries and a touch of butcher shop. A tiny hit of band aid peeks through with a cedary edge. A good if not great finish with a burst of limestone and mineral.
Purchased on closeout from. Jacksonville ABC store for 34 bucks and worth more. Has a good few years ahead of it.

Calera Jensen on close-out?!? Lucky you!

Hope you picked up a few bottles for the long haul.

I wish I could have! We are on the last day of a southern trip and hauling any more stuff is just out. Too bad, they had 5 more. I guess they were just tired of it sitting there ( it is an 01, so they’ve had it a while). If we were here another day I would have gotten one or two more.

Yeah, the only concern would have been storage. The bottles were sitting somewhere for the past 4 years. But at $34, not a bad deal for good Pinot.

Thanks for the update on this, Benjamin. I’ve been sitting on a few halves but have been waiting on it, since a recent bottle of the 2000 showed quite young. It sounds from your note like it’s in a good place though, so maybe it’ll be time to check in on one soon.

This wine needs some significant aeration to show how good it is IMO. I’ve opened 4 bottles over the last few years, all from 375 ml, and it always disappointed me… until it had an hour or more to open up. Then it was beautiful.

And the same is true of the '01 Calera Mills. My splits are gone, but have two 750s of each wine, will wait another year or so on these.