2000 Pegau and 98 Tiganello: If it weren't for bad luck...

I’d have no luck at all. Gloom, despair… yeah, you know the rest of the lyrics.

2000 Pegau Reserve I had this wine opened by a friend in New Jersey, and I thought it was one of the best wines I have ever had. So, I bought 4 bottles. The first two were fairly flat and flavorless. I opened this one last night… well, the cork reeked of TCA, but I didn’t detect it in the wine. The wine, though, was flat and flavorless. However, after ten minutes of air, yep, the TCA started to show. I dumped the bottle in down the drain. This Pegau purchase was, to quote the comic book guy: Worst Purchase Ever.

So, I quickly decided to open up a

1997 Tiganello Er, did I say a 1997 Tig? I meant a 1998 Tiganello. Some years back, I was buying bottles of 1997 wines to try, as this was our wedding anniversery. I bought a bottle of 1997 Tig from the PLCB, and before I tried it, had a 1998 at a tasting. The 1998 tasted like dillweed. Very herbacious and not very good. So, I didn’t bother with that lone bottle in my basement until some years later, the 1997 showed up at a tasting. It was stunning! Wonderful. Well, I never bought more of it, but at least I have one bottle from way back when. Well, I went to look at the bottle at that time… and it was a 1998. Someone at the PLCB put the 98’s in the bin with the 97’s, and I was the dillweed who never saw it.

Well, I am happy to say that the dillweed in the wine anyway has gone. It is a nice, currant and earthy wine. Fairly straightforward, but very nice, and it is drinking well now. 90 points.

Look at Hudak exploring Italians!
(The two areas I suck at are Italy and Spain…) [truce.gif]

Too bad about the Pegau’s. I assume you have one left.
Do you think the first two were also TCA or heat damaged?
Sounds like my 03’s…I bought a bunch from PC - 4 of 5 bottles so far DOA. [help.gif] I have a few more which I’ll open in 5 years or so…

I think my Pegau’s are simply a bad batch. I do have one left, but I have very low expectations.
I am sorry to hear that your 2003’s are no good. The good news here is that I have tried one from my half case, and it was fine. So, you can always try one of mine next time we have dinner.

Bob, sorry to hear about the 00 Pegau, but you are not alone. I bought a case of these and have had about 50% corked with one left. Hugely disappointing.

0-2, that stinks! That’s a shame about the Pegau as I’ve had very few bad bottles - really none that I can remember having to dump.

The Tig issue would be slightly humorous if it wasn’t coming on the heels of the bad Pegau.

Maybe you’ve flushed most of the bad bottles out of your system for a while!


If it WASN’T for bad luck, Bob, not weren’t! Jeez, do you want me to send Jack Bruce over to your house to kick your ass [stirthepothal.gif] !

Sorry Bob. I just checked on line, and it is ‘weren’t’. I was correct originally. [training.gif]


http://www.lyricsfreak.com/c/cream/born+under+a+bad+sign_20034198.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Don’t know what it was you linked, Bob, but Cream’s lyrics are above, and that wasn’t a weren’t among 'em.

I were correct. [whistle.gif]

Yes, the Cream Lyrics are as you cited, but I was quoting that famous Hee Haw song about Gloom, Despair, and agony on me
If it weren’t for bad luck…etc

You were obviously thinking I was quoting 60’s rock, but I was actually quoting 70’s TV. hitsfan

So obviously my reference to Jack Bruce flew right past you [stirthepothal.gif] .

Probably the first time I’ve ever seen Hee Haw cited as a “source”.

We had a 2000 Pegau [CNDP] tonight with lamb and it was singing. Might be one of our last bottles left from the vintage, purchased on release. Cork was clean, wine was a little cloudy, but a lovely bouquet without any extreme funk. Sweetened over the couple of hours. The SO and I drank the whole bottle in between prepping/eating dinner.

I know some folks don’t get the wine, or have been afflicted with its variability, but generally I’ve been lucky with the estate.

It´s Tignanello -gn- [wink.gif]

Too bad for your Pegau (all my bottles so far have been outstanding, last in October).

Try to contact

… and ask him what to do.

Sorry to Bob and others with bad bottle experiences.

Turns out I had a delicious 04 Pegau Reservee just last night with Mom and a visiting Uncle, and it was just barely surpassed by an 01 Lascombes.

I have had so many terrific Pegau over the years (the 90 in particular stands out) and have never had problems. Lucky me. Laurent Feraud at Pegau is a lot of fun too.

Hopefully the subjunctive digression has mitigated the pain to some extent.