2000 Palmer

I have two questions. First, I have recently tasted a few wines from this vintage and it seems to be living up to the high expectations. I found a 2000 Le Bon Pasteur to be tannic and blurry (not rated therefore). I had a roundly enjoyable 2000 Duhart Milon (90), a d’Issan (93) and a Ferriere (94 - stunning silk and refinement) - the latter two are the best wines I’ve had this year. I’m sensing a pattern here and I’ve been back filling wines from Margaux. How is the 2000 Palmer drinking? What is your recommended drinking window?

Second, for which vintage(s) of Palmer do you find yourself reaching for current drinking?

Thank you for sharing! I have been enjoying your insightful posts all week.

Hi Scott

2000 is a beautifull vintage but very classic. That means that it will take time. I am just back from New York where I did a very interesting master class with Kevin Zraly and Sherry Leehman . We tasted the 2000 Palmer. It is way to early to enjoy it. I would wait at least 5 more years and even more if you can.
At the moment I love the 1998 Palmer.