2000 Croft Vintage Port - $29.99

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Enjoy! [basic-smile.gif]

in for 4 headbang

Never mind…all gone. [cry.gif]

Way to go David, get everyone’s hopes up.

Kellen Clemens! WOO HOO!

sorry I missed it, that was a great price on a good bottle.

The Rioja that’s up now is none too shabby.


You can do better than Marques de Caceres, IMO.

Yeah, probably. I don’t buy Spanish wine any more but there were five or six Riojas that I used to buy and Caceres was one of them. I like the fact that it is not the sort of up-start winery fancied by Jay Miller… It wasn’t my favorite. I really don’t remember what my favorite was.

Now, Frank, no bashing. That was not the intention of this thread.

Stay on track. newhere

[oops.gif] I forgot the emoticon.

So you’re the big expert, if I buy Rioja what should I look for?

You got some magnums for me?

Yeah man, we got mags!

è vero

Mmmm, Scavino!!!

A very fine Croft and a “throwback price” would have been worth scoring a full case at a price like that!