200+ Wine Refrigerator

I am looking to buy a wine Refrigerator unit with a 200+ capacity. I don’t want to spend anything extra other than the Basic needs to store my wine. The reason is the unit will be in my back basement out of any viewing so Bells and Whistles are not needed. Any recommendations on an inexpensive reliable unit would be appreciated!

I think you pretty much get what it is you pay for with these units. So longevity has to considered when considering economy. I’ve had really good service with 2 Eurocave units purchased together 12 years ago. You can keep the cost down by forgoing the glass door and rolling trays. Also, the single temperature unit is less expensive than the units with a so called section for reds and whites.

Agree that you get what you pay for. To me there’s no reason these should be more expensive or less reliable than a normal fridge but reality suggests otherwise. You can have cheap or you can have realiable but I’m. Not sure there’s both.

And, say no to Vinotemp.

Artevino II by Eurocave. $1,999 at Costco.com right now.

I have this one. Hard to beat. Pull out wood shelves. Holds the temp. Quiet. They go on sale from time to time for about $200 less than what is listed.

If you don’t mind me asking, why not just build a small, basic room? Especially if its an unfinished basement, it would only be a few days and a few hundred bucks plus some chap racking. The biggest expense would be the cooling unit.

I have a smaller version of something similar but when stacking, the shelf becomes unstable and pushes the wines on the bottom out so that when you pull out the shelf part way, the bottles threaten to fly off the edges. While the bottles are not exactly the same, they are not very different either. That is, I only put on the same shelf bottle as close to the same shape and size as possible.

Any hints or is this just the way it is?

I have not had this issue. I have found some larger Syrah type bottles don’t fit evenly in the wood slats.


I do have a wine room, but it is now full and I do not have the room to Build out or I would.

I have a Transtherm that is quite basic 250 bottle unit that has been flawless for18 years.