20 Wines from Kyle and Tristen at Best Wines Online

Lots of fans of Kyle Meyer and Tristen Beamon of Best Wines Online - formerly at Wine Exchange. They’ve sent a tidy list of 20 wines to offer on BerserkerDay, and the availability probably depends on how many were ordered yesterday by the Donors who got the sneak preview AND were able to order a day early!

Best Wines Online

All deals will be searchable by typing ‘berserkers’ in our wine search box at the top of the front page…order at http://www.bestwinesonline.com 1. Olek Bondonio Barbaresco Roncagliette 2009 @ $49.88 ($75 retail, from the same vineyard used to produce two of Gaja’s single vineyard wines!)
2. Trimbach Riesling Reserve 2008 @ $15.88 ($30 retail, Wine Spectator Top 100, delish)
3. Trimbach Gewurztraminer Ribeaupierre 2004 @ $25.88 ($40+ retail, a legend!)
4. Herencia Altes Garnacha Negra 2011 @ $6.88 ($12 retail, Parker 91, killer)
5. Punica Isola del Nuraghi Barrua 2009 @ $29.88 ($60 retail! Old vine Carignan, cabernet, Merlot)
6. Amisfield Pinot Noir Central Otago 2008 $19.88 ($40 retail, Spectator 93)
7. Fevre Chablis Fourchaume 2010 @ $38.88 (best price in the country! Galloni 93, Burghound 92-94)
8. Haut Brisson Saint Emilion Reserve 2009 @ $49.88 (Parker 95, best price in the country by a lot.)
9. La Vieille Cure Fronsac 2001 @ $28.88 (Parker 90, cellar direct, awesome wine)
10. Guiraud Sauternes 2001 @ $57.88 (Spectator 96, Parker 94, everyone else @ $75)
11. Fleur Cardinale Saint Emilion 2009 @ $34.88 (Parker 94, everyone else $45+)
12. Dom Perignon 2000 @ $119.88 (Cheaper than Costco, in stock…)
13. D’Aiguilhe Querre Castillon 2008 @ $9.88 ($25 retail, drinking great)
14. R&L Legras Brut Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs Evanescence 2002 @ $64.88 ($100 retail, one of the finest zero dosage bubblies I’ve ever had!)
15. Groth Cabernet Reserve 2008 @ $59.88 (unprinted special, usual price $90!)
16. Robert Craig Affinity 2009 (still working on this one)
17. Faiveley Mercurey Framboisiere 2010 @ $23.88 (retail $33, Faiveley’s 2010’s are great!)
18. Georges Noellat Vosne Romanee Petits Monts 2010 @ $64.88 (hot new producer, great vineyard site, silly price)
19. Saint Siffrein Chateaneuf du Pape 2010 @ $24.99 ($45 retail, Parker 94, silly deal)
20. Marziano Abbona Barolo Pressenda 2006 @ $39.88 ($75 retail, Spectator 95)

That’s an awesome list!

Son of a … Was just at Binny’s yesterday and bought some '04 Trimbach Reserve at retail - $39. The daughter was in the store last week for a tasting.

Shipping pretty standard? I’m in Virginia, which I realize is not close!

Bought 3 bottles each of the 09 Fleur Cardinale, 09 Haut Brisson, the 04 Trimbach, 10 Siffrein CdP

Also took some Fleur and the Marziano. The shipping was quite low until I confirmed my order then it nearly doubled from the first quote. 36$ for 5 bottles to Missouri. Also placing my orders at about 30k feet.

Robert Craig not on the site? Did you decide to not do that one?

Missing the Beck-Hartweg?

must be gone, I bought some yesterday

Nah, it is still there. I just closed out my final Berserker Day purchase with some of the Beck Hartweg as part of my order.

Hi Dave,

We can’t ship to Maryland but DC is OK. Price would be around 30-35 per case going ground, depending on carrier!

Hi Sam,

Please Call us at 1.888.817.8880 or email erin@bestwinesonline.com.
Our price is uber-low and only for Berserkers for a limited time. I don’t think the winery would like us posting it!

FWI… I cut a special deal with Kyle and Tristen re: the Bondonio Barbaresco “Roncalgiette” and the Beck Hartweg Riesling Grand Cru “Frankstein”… Today is the ABSOLUTE LASTY DAY for the prices on these wines as they are offering them BELOW wholesale…

Got my first Berserkerpack from BWO today. Man that was fast, many thanks Kyle and Tristen!

Me too…thank you!

Folks, I went to their brand new establishment in Costa Mesa tonight, albeit VERY briefly, but HOLY COW is it amazing!!! Cases and cases of amazing wine - Romanee Conti, Ausone, you name it, they have CASES of it just lying around. Beautiful facility, too. If you are ever in Socal you simply MUST go. Seriously…wow.

I’m gonna try to stop by tomorrow.

Where in Costa Mesa?


The address shown on their website is in Santa Ana off Warner.