2 great Shun deals at Williams Sonoma- 1 day only

6 inch chef-$49
7 inch rocking chef- $99
7/5 double hallow santoku - $79

Thanks. Just grab the 6-in. Love Shun.

Thanks Mike. Snagged the 6" and the 7.5.

Thanks for the heads-up , Mike. Though I have no “need”, I will head over to the local store.

Just curious…anyone…the 7.5 “hallow”…is really a good carving knife, as the WS website suggests…I could use something good for that area…as I never have found a great option

I had just sent the fiance over to pick it up for her mother. She loves to cook but has terrible tools so I think a great knife is a must in the kitchen.

Picked up the 6" shun moment ago…
As a quick test of the blade I shaved a patch of hair off my wrist
Dang, that is a sharp blade.

My beef is keeping my Shuns sharp. They seem to dull rather quickly. I think I’m going to pick up a Chef’sChoice 1520.

ugh this is what I get for being stuck in a depo all day. the 6inch and santoku are out at my neighborhood W&S

It’s online CFu…order it there

6" is out and their shipping is $14. Not as much of a deal anymore considering that =( Still might get it, saves $30 compared to amazon.

it has been in stock and out of stock all day, just keep checking back

tried my local WS as well, dont want to pay the shipping charge but they are sold out

What do you guys like about these knives? I just looked at the 6" and the 7.5" knives at my local Williams Sonoma and they do not feel very good in my hand. It’s like trying to grasp a small broom handle. I wanted to like it, but I just couldn’t buy.

extremely sharp and holds and edge very well

agree about extremely sharp; disagree about holds ege very well.

Joe, my 7 inch Shun chef barely needs pressure to move through veggies. It practically cuts onions itself, so much I don’t use my mandoline since I like the way this glides through them.
If you want feel, check the Ken Onions. I have the 8 Santoku and its AMAZING.

Hey, Mike.
Find me a deal on some steak knives! :slight_smile:

All kidding aside, happy holidays to you!

Thanks, Kim. You too!

Now, how many knives you need? [cheers.gif] [wink.gif]

Found a 7.5! Awesome :slight_smile:

maybe being too hard on your knives?

I have found that with proper care and cutting boards they hold their edge extremely well.

Upset that I missed this one…I really want to get my GF a decent knife for the holiday.

How did you find out about this deal?