1999 Nuits St Georges "Les Boudots" - Grivot - El Yummo!

1999 Nuits St Georges “Les Boudots” - Grivot
Medium/dark red with touch of onion skin at edge.
Fine blackberry, licorice nose with florals in the background.
Firm, spicy, black fruited wine with nice, crisp minerality in the long finish.
I was pleasantly surprised this was so accessible considering the producer.
Quite nice now but a few more years will tame the ripe tannins that remain.
A REALLY excellent example of a Boudots! flirtysmile
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Nice. I wish I had more Grivot but didn’t realize that until late in the game.


Sounds lovely, Paul. Cheers.

Lovely wine, as is their '99 Vosne Beaux Monts. Just the 07 and 08 NSG Boudots in the cellar now…only a decade+ more to wait.


+2… I always had a misconception that these wines wern’t for me. Lately I havae found out I was dead wrong. 2014 VR was just begging to be drunk! I am a buyer now. Thanks for the note Paul.

Just looked at my CT I have 1 2005 Boudots and 3 2005 VR. Sweet!

I hope you’re a relatively young man.
That 2005 Boudots will outlive me (and I got some)