1999 Dehlinger Syrah and Estate Pinot Noir

Pulled these for the weekend juice and to check their progress. The Syrah has finally started developing. Black fruits, grilled meat, some spice(pepper), and asphalt are showing on the nose and palate. Nice entry, solid center and a 4&1/2 lapper finish that is barely shut down by some background tannins. Ourstanding bottle with another 2-4 before hitting TTOIG. The Pinot shows more of the black cherry than red and the spices tend to the sweet end of the spectrum. The tannins have softened to the point that this sucker has the velvet mouth-feel that we love in Toms’ better efforts. The finish is long and strong and this is about as good as it’s gonna get. Also an outstanding bottling. VB

This is right around the vintage when the Dehlingers start to become dead ringers for great Cote Rotie, IIRC. '98, '99, etc

Nice notes on these.
I loved the '98 last year. Had several bottles that were just killing!
As Todd said, they become ringers for Northern Rhones.