1999 Château Sociando-Mallet Cuvée Jean Gautreau

This wine is still a baby! I mean, look at that color!

Big whiff of dark cassis, rich soils and freshly shaved pencil. This is a very powerful wine, a bit unexpected for the vintage. Broad range of dark fruits, black cherries. Dry earthy notes. Espresso roast. Definitely showing its new oak dressing but the scale of this wine wears it well. This is a vintage of the JG Cuvee that I have not had. But I like what I see, it just needs more time. Try again in 3 years.

(92 pts.)


Wow - quite a surprise - it looks ten years younger, fifteen even. Never tried it - I may have to pay them another visit!

I knew from the title this would be your post! Great stuff bud - sounds awesome! Not as awesome as a 19 Pontet-Canet of course…but pretty awesome :wink:

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Gotta love the cohort of Bordeaux that buck the rule of 15 for the rule of 30!

Thanks for the note

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I remember when this cuvee was almost impossible to find, but happily I’ve been able to get it fairly regularly of late at both auction and retail.

The 99 sounds surprisingly good, as I wasn’t inspired by the regular bottling in this vintage. How’s the 95 drinking, ready to go?

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I had a bottle of 1995 “regular” Sociando last week and it was pretty much ready to go. That being said, it might have been best on night three.

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Love that vintage of the regular SM. And I agree it is drinking great as is.

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This is a wine that has interested me for awhile and I’ve never been able to try it. I’m also not crazy about buying a 2018+ and waiting 20 years. I just drank a regular 2000 last week and it’s just ready.

Edit - whenever I check they always seem to be about $100 less in Europe compared to America for some reason.

So I did not note in my original post that on opening and the initial poor, I did detect a hint of VA, but it blew off and the wine showed as depicted. I saved about a third of the bottle and returned to it last night, and the VA was there in full glory. It did not make the wine necessarily undrinkable, but after half a glass, I dumped it. Moved on to something else.

WineSearcher shows a handful of retailers that have the 2012 on pre-arrival, starting at 360 per 6-bottle case. I have not tried the JG Cuvee in this vintage but did enjoy the rustic 2012 base wine.

I’ve had the 1998 and 2001 recently, both drinking great. Early maturity, with plenty of life still.

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