1999 Bonneau du Martray Corton

I have had this wine in about 10 vintages. It gets no love in general and I don’t know why. One reason may be that it always seems to need very substantial bottle age. This one, at 18, is still pretty young.

Deep ruby color, unusually dark and saturated for an 18 year old Burgundy. The aromas are somehow both shy and intense, with cherry fruit, minerality over earthiness and faint but lovely herbal touches. The palate is beautiful, with black cherries enhanced by red and black raspberry, nice leafy notes and a hint of white pepper. This goes over the top with superb texture, gorgeous opulent glycerin inside an intricate suit of armor. The balance is close to perfect, with tension between the lovely secondary flavors and the firm, fresh, almost adamant acidity. This is a great bottle of wine. If it lacks the intensity of perfection, it does not lack it by much. Rated 97.5.

Dan Kravitz

used to be very weedy and herbal. Haven’t tried one in years. Corton does need a long time. Thanks.

Adam Ant. Never thought I’d hear his name being dropped in a Burgundy tasting note.

does it bug you?

No, but that Corton’s lost its taste, so try another flavour…

Subtle innuendos follow
Must be something inside

Absolutely an underrated with. I was fortunate enough to come across a case and a half of the '85 a few years ago and they’re in an absolutely fantastic place right now. Need a fair bit of air before they open up though.