1998 Vincent Girardin Pommard, 1989 Château Grand-Puy-Lacoste and 'lady in waiting' dinner

[rofl.gif] [rofl.gif] [rofl.gif]

Good one, Sergele! Kind of like Dostoevsky meets the Three Stooges…well, sort of!

Clearly it is. But isn’t that your goal–too be equally offensive to all groups?

That was no girl…that was an OLD LADY !!! with a ton of plastic surgery. She certainly qualified for AARP.

The Ford, was not a Ford, it was a stinkin Lincoln Navigator (I had asked for a BMW 750 for Serge).

I am not sure who had a more shocked look on their face. her or me, when Serge started preaching about the advantages of anal sex.

For the record , we tipped 20% on the entire bill (for those who remember the big thread on tipping etiquette).

The food was excellent, service excellent, the wine was even better and the French waiter did a great job of putting up with Serge’s insistence on pouring his own wine. The waiter even joked with Serge…“Shall I pour the water, or would you like to do that too?”. That was f’en priceless. I was expecting an atomic bomb from Serge, but he just smiled and told the guy to pour the water. Absolutely priceless. I could not have written a better script. It was truly priceless to watch a formal French waiter ask this of Serge with a totally straight face.

Maybe the waiter was checking if Serge knew the difference [wink.gif] [wink.gif] ? Anyway, this was priceless [welldone.gif] !! Please, please bring a videocam next time you go out with Serge.

Sergele, that haircut does NOT suit you [wink.gif] [wink.gif] !

You are straight crazy. [wink.gif]

Clearly his posts fit the name of this board [wink.gif] [wink.gif] !