1998 Chablis

This was considered a poor vintage for white Burgundy. I actually enjoyed quite a few in their youth, I can live with blowsy youth.

I own some '98’s from the Chablis grower I represent, who is known for long-lived wines. His '98’s are drinking just fine.

My question is about the vintage in Chablis in general. I know of some for sale in Europe, good provenance, attractive prices. Please let me know what you think of overall vintage quality. Comments on specific producers and wines are a bonus.

Thanks in advance.

Dan Kravitz


The only 1998 I’ve had recently was a Raveneau Valmur about a year ago. It seemed almost painfully young, with razor-like acidity and a steely mineral brush which peeled off the inside of my mouth; very intense. Admittedly a very short sample, but it made me bury my other bottles until 2015.

And after a sip, you took the photo that is now your avatar?

Actually, I quite enjoyed that Valmur in a masochist sort of way. That pic was taken by a relative I otherwise quite appreciate, who shoved a camera in my face when she knows I don’t like having my picture taken. I gave her my best “WTF” stare and it came out like this. I thought I might set an example and excercise some self-depreciation, something this world could use a whole lot more of. So far, few have gotten the point… [snort.gif]