1997 Wendouree Cabernet Sauvignon

A straight Cab Sav from the 1971 Western Vineyard. Bought off the mailing list (attached) in August 1999 and kept in temp controlled storage ever since. Take a look at the cork, despite a wee bit of Durand damage it is pristine and this was at time when Oz was receiving mostly crap corks.

Decanted for 3 hours then put back in the bottle and drunk over two days. Colour is mid red with a bit bricking, nose is lots of eucalyptus and menthol and some iron oxide earthy notes. After 25 years the tannins have relaxed and released the fruit nicely. Palate is full bodied with lots of dark plummy fruits and more of that earthy rusty notes. Tannins are clearly still present but are now quite civilized and provide a lovely structural frame from the wine. Finish is long and balanced, the acidity give the finish a nice zip and cleans everything up. Really in a good spot and drinking superbly, but still with another 10+ years in the tank. The approach to tannins and the emphasis on structure over big fruit at Wendouree seems unique in Australia.

The mailing list annual invite is a masterpiece of brevity. “Here are the wines, here are how much they cost”. It looks exactly the same every year except for prices changes and sometimes some of the wines are not made (e.g The Pressings)


Thanks, Brodie. A fave. Don’t see many of them over on these shores. But I have 1-2 dozen buried

Thnx David, Yes I know how you feel, I am down to my last 10 cases… :grinning:

I note Brodie that you do not receive a crayon mark. I receive a red mark. One of the world’s great mysteries.

I have been on the list since around 1997, but in the last couple of years it has been quite marked the reduction in available wine. This year I could only get hold of a mixed case, and from memory only 2 bots Shiraz.

1997 was soon after a bit of a style change which I detected with the 1995 vintage to a more approachable style, and of course '97 a cooler vintage. Sounds like it’s in a great spot.

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Oh my, that’s not something you see every day! Awesome note.

Hey Kent, ah yes the mysteries of the crayon mark! It appears on the order page I think. Somehow I got the initials in black ink on the order page.

If I remember the Wendouree esoterica correctly, the initials are the highest level above the various crayon colours.

I am no longer on the mailing list as I have too much wine and certainly enough Wendouree to last my lifetime

cheers Brodie

I think I cellar 2 b as we never see it here. Grange easier to find. Great note and story.

Thanks for the fine note Brodie. I hope all is well with you and yours.