1997 Caymus Napa & 2002 Dehlinger Estate Pinot

Had the 97 at the club yesterday at lunch. Luckily my lunch guest couldn’t drink so it be ALL mine. This kick-patootie bottle has come out of its funky period and now is really showing its’ true colors. One of the true superior Napa bottlings has come into its’ own in this great vintage. Still a 1-3 period of improvement ahead and another 10+ super drinking window. You gots’ ‘em either hold or drink IMHO.
The 02 Estate has everthing I want in a Pinot. Nose jumped outta’ the glass and filled the whole area. Floral, spicy, meaty, funky and all the other descriptors. Liquid silk going down. Finishes as long as a Limo and lingers longer than a week-end guest from Minn here in Az in Feb. Still zingy acidity and enough tannin to let it improve another 2-4. As usual Tom hit another homer. VB