1996 short year in review and....

MLS soccer starts its inaugural season here in the states

The Summer Olympics are held in Atlanta United States

Windows NT 4.0 released by Microsoft

Nintendo releases its Nintendo 64

IBM’s computer Deep Blue vs. Chess World Champ Gary Kasparov in a best of 6…Kasparov wins 4 out of 6.

The U.S. stock markets, including the Dow Jones Industrial Average, gains at an incredibly fast pace and ends the year over the 6,000 mark

The year of this famous quote
“Show me the Money!”

Seinfeld was the most popular TV show

My beloved Cowboys won the Superbowl

and this wine …

brought by another member of our wine group to our weekly Friday blind tasting.

One sniff of this sucker and your on a Jett.
Right up front in business class, leaned all the way back completely relaxed and lost in thought. It’s smooth sailing at 30,000 feet knowing soon you will be landing safely inside the coveted borders of France…

Total sense of place here as my nostrils become enthralled by the aromatics:

I’m here inside a building. Hanging in
full view are fine leather coats, to the left cigar boxes, to the right wet horse fur, further up I detect a familiar scent. In my sights I see someone dicing up some red cherries, olives and mushrooms.

Now take all these components, melt them down, stir often, soften the tannins, just sweeten the fruit a tad and viola

U have the 1996 Picton Baron

This is World Class bordeaux

Wow, what a way to close out the year

Happy New Year to u all

Marc -

Did you hire Melissa McAvoy for your TNs? :wink:

Very inspired.

And by the way, a killer wine for sure.

A 3-dimensional tasting note? Wine as a doll’s house?

I hate all of you…every last one of ya!!! :wink: