1996 Domaine Huet: Vouvray Le Mont Sec (Loire, France).

1996 Domaine Huet: Vouvray Le Mont Sec (Loire, France).

Domaine Huet needs no introduction from me. The older style label is pleasing to the eye. The light amber gold colour shows some maturity. The nose opens up slowly, giving off aromas of fresh green walnuts, quince and baked apple pie. The mouthfeel is fresh and weighty, its 12% alcohol easily carrying the wine across my tastebuds. Wave after wave of dried fruit, supported by a spine of acidity, tickle my tastebuds with pleasure. With air, I can taste creme caramel and hints of toffee. Such freshness from the 1996 vintage will help age this wine for decades to come, though it can be drunk perfectly now.

That sounds absolutley delicious! Wish I had more aged Huet in the cellar - 2005 is currently my oldest. Thanks for posting!

“its 12% alcohol easily carrying the wine across my tastebuds.” I like the way you put this. I recently experienced this with a Sandland Zin (I know, much higher than 12%) and this really captures my feelings as I swished this in my mouth.

I probably haven’t had the 1996 Le Mont Sec since shortly after release but the M1erT has been showing brilliantly in recent years.

Winebid has several bottles of aged Huet, if you’ve got the budget for it.

Do Huet’s Sec age as well as the demi-sec and other off dry bottlings? I haven’t gone much past 10 years on a Huët sec, mostly cause they taste so good with 5 years or so, but also to avoid any risk of oxidation.

in September 2011, I took a 1968 Huet La Haut Lieu Sec to a legendary offline in NYC. A number of wine players from this Board were in attendance. It was one of the highlights of the night…

It was gorgeous, but it was also the '67. [cheers.gif]

Thank you for this report. This sounds so good. 1996 was such a special year at Huet.

I was surprised to look at my inventory and find I don’t own any 1996 Sec. For Sec I only have the ‘95 Le Mont left from that period.

Thank you for the correction. The wine was not the only good thing to come out of 1967. [cheers.gif]

Thanks Patrick! Yep, I check out the selection every week and have been close to pulling the trigger a couple times. They had some bottles from the 50’s I think it was not long ago. Would LOVE to try one of those…but they were pricey.