1996 Dom Perignon and Leon Russell

Went to see Leon Russell at City Winery - the Atlanta location which just opened in June. Brought along a bottle of 1996 Dom. Showed well. Bright citrus and mousse, some lovely smoke and light ginger.

We also had a decent 2014 Beaujolais and a carafe of a poor bubblegummy “house” pinot noir (I do not recall what either was).

Nice setting to see Leon Russell who told great stories about Dylan, the Beatles, Joe Cocker, etc. and played with his excellent band. 74 years old and still plays immaculately!

I considered going to his show locally but it didn’t work out. Now I wish I had bought tickets.

And I love the 96 Dom any time

I didn’t know he was still alive!

I remember when he would play in Shreveport, Louisiana, at the annual Red River Revel when I was a little tyke. My Dad and Mom, as well as many of my aunts, loved hearing him play. I was only concerned about the food that was unique to the Revel…

I’ve seen Leon solo a couple of times in the last few years. He played an incredible set from his amazing catalog each time, but he walked on stage, sat down at his piano, gave a great performance and then walked off stage … without saying a word ! I’d have loved hearing some of his stories as he’s been in the middle of so much musical history. Oh well …

Love the '96 Dom. I just wish I bought more of it when it was released as I couldn’t keep my hands off of it.

Love them both.

I showed little restraint as well. Down to my last few.


Glad to know he’s still touring. Saw him a few times many many years ago. One of the greats! Probably would have enjoyed just about any wine while listening to him, although I do remember a horrific apple wine at one of his concerts.

Your choice was far better.

John, what’s corkage at City Winery?

Phil - It was $25 a bottle.

thanks. We went the first week it was open for a Nina Simone cover group show and they did not have much stock on hand. It’s a good venue for live shows. Saw Leon at Variety Playhouse last winter. Great show.

It is a good venue. However, the wines are overpriced and I am not sure how their “home label” wines will taste, but enjoyed the atmosphere and the concert and the food was good.

Variety is an intimate - and earthy - setting to see a show.

It has been hard keeping my hands off as well. I buried the rest which seems to have helped.

Ahh Leon! I grew up in San Antonio in the early and mid-70s. Leon was a staple in many of the local honky-tonks. I remember seeing him perform at the first Willie Nelson 4th of July picnic in Dripping Springs, TX in 1973. Great to see he is still going strong.

Talking about great wine and music, my concert buddies an I saw Joe Walsh and Bad Company last Thursday. Both great. Our pre-concert dinner included 2006 Tattinger CdC, 2008 Dauvissat Vaillons and 1996 Roumier Vougeot.