1996 Chevillon Les St Georges, 2001 Giacosa Barbaresco Asili, and other weekend wines

A fair amount of wine action this weekend:

2008 Dauvissat ‘Forest’–in a beautiful spot. A strong, richer wine, but also quintessential chablis, just entering early ‘maturity’.

2000 Chateau Sociando-Mallet–Cassis, plum, graphite, a feeling of concentration, but also low alcohol. I’m not very sensitive to the green pepper notes a lot of folks complain about with Sociando, and didn’t get a lot here. Went very well with beef tenderloin and I loved the low alcohol feel, but I think wine is best at about 20 years of age, on, so it still feels early.

2000 Malartic-Lagravierre Blanc–Gold in color, not advanced, but still a little long in the tooth, has lost whatever snap or freshness it might have had. Interesting, but lacked excitement.

1996 Chevillon Les St Georges-- angry and sullen upon opening, but with 2 hours of air it becomes a star. Full, rich mouth-feel, seductive dark fruit, more than offsets the acid and tannin structure of 96, and results in great balance. Ready to enjoy, but please don’t pop and pour.

2001 Giacosa Barbaresco Asili–apparently double decanted at 10 AM. This one is just fine, thanks. Bright, young, lightly spiced barbaresco, but no sharp angles, and no feel that you are sampling too early.

1985 Prunotto Barolo ‘Cannubi’–Corked.

1956 Oddero Barolo–see-thru light orange/red color. Interesting ‘old red wine’ notes. lightly corked to my palate, but everyone else disagreed. Not the greatest year, but a birth year wine for the host. I joked that it was the only Oddero that I’ve had that was “ready”.

Does Oddero really carry that connotation? What about “modern” ones, circa 2004+?

Perhaps that’s a mischaracterization. When I think of Oddero I think chunky and thick, but may not mean long lived. I actually haven’t had very many (the last actually being the 2004), so perhaps others can correct me.

56-- my birth year also–worst wine year of the century. Evidently there were some decent Tokays, though.

We finished with a 56 madeira–I forgot to check the bottle–a Sercial, but don’t know which, so there’s another source for you 56’ers. My own birth year is 54, which is not much better.