1996 Bruno Giacosa Barolo Riserva Falletto di Serralunga d'Alba

I had a hunkering for some barolo, and this caught my eye in the cellar. Decided to give it a rip and see where this is at the moment.

It took a little time to open up, but after about 2 hours, boy it really got going. To me, the best description is that the flavor really cleared up as the wine opened. It’s not that the initial flavors are madeirized, but they are fruit flavors that were in that vein. Over time, those flavors became much clearer and brighter–the red fruit shining through with so much more purity. Once it got rolling, this was an outstanding wine.

Drinking v well and I think it’s in a good place.


Thanks for the datapoint Patrick, I still have to open one of these from my cellar as I have been uncertain to whether there was any pleasure to be had for the time being. Guess I better try one soon given your note


There is definitely a lot of pleasure to be had from this wine. It does need a couple hours, and this is certainly the time to deploy the decanter. But it’s delicious.