We’ve been drinking a fair amount of champagne and Pinots during the holiday season, but with cooler weather, I find its nice to move into some of the bigger reds.

1994 was a very good vintage in Napa and I bought quite a few. Theorizing the regular Caymus should be pretty stellar after drinking a few of the 94` Special Select, I also obtained some of these and this was the choice for a recent evening. It was just what I was looking for and merits sharing.

1994 CAYMUS CABERNET SAUVIGNON NAPA- decanted a hour prior to serving in Riedel Bordeaux stems, the color was a still pristine dark purple; the nose had leather, cedar and a hint of talc with dark fruit notes; on the palate, it gave the aforementioned plus black currant and black cherry delivered in a smooooooth texture; overall, it was in a perfect place with lots of finesse and charm, not my usual descriptors for most Napa Cabs, as well as holding on for a nice pleasing finish.

A good Napa vintage, eh?

What a great note!

I loved the old Caymus, and that wine is a perfect example.

We are still working through the '93’s and we are very happy.

Opened a '97 Special selection at Thanksgiving and it reminded me of how much I appreciate Charles Wagner I.

We have a '73 or two laying around somewhere…even the '73 pinot noir!

remember the 94 Caymus with the yellow label quite fondly…it was my last purchase of Caymus Cab…Regrettably none left in the cellar

Early 90’s Caymus was delicious and a bargain for under $20!

I wonder if we were ever in Ben’s or The Corkscrew at the same time!

$15.99 at Glendale Liquors in NJ.

The ‘94 regular label was on the wine list at a local steak joint for $42 and my buddy and I drank it all up. Loved that wine—glad to know it is still showing well!

My experience with 94` Napa Cabs has been better than good especially those from the aforementioned Caymus as well as Araujo, Spottswooode, Hourglass, Clark-Claudon, Lewis Cellars, Shafer Hillside Select, Dunn, Insignia and Colgin. So, I understated. Sorry your experience did not meet your approval.

Even the Wine Spectator rated it 97- “1994 Napa Cabernet Sauvignon 97 Drink. A showy year all around; ripe, complex and fleshy, with excellent depth.”

Nice note as always Blake.

I think that was an intentional understatement from Victor. I thought 1994 and 1991 were both outstanding vintages, tops for me from that decade. Though several other years were close behind.

Regarding Caymus, I was blinded on the 1994 regular and SS shortly after release. I was struck by a dilly/oaky component in the SS. It may have integrated with time but I think they had already started ramping up the oak by then.

Thanks David. Not knowing Victor, I took it literally obviously and having so many pearls from 94`, I was sensitive to the miss for another board member for a grand experience and at the same time, realizing and respecting we all have our own palate interpretations.

+1 re what Glenn said, don’t remember what I paid for the 94 but the 91,92 and 93 were all well < $20.

IIRC, the '94 Caymus NV was $36 from the winery and took a huge jump to $65 for the '95.

Agreed - I am still holding on to a few from the late 80s and early 90s.

Yes, I was in fact at Caymus a little after that. I asked them why the prices had jumped so much. I was told that they were told by their marketing people that they needed to raise their prices so people would realize how good the wine is. Perhaps that is true from a marketing perspective, but I stopped buying after that. At ~25 these were great values. At 65 (I remember it jumping to 75 actually), they were a bit overpriced I thought – or at least not much of a value any more.