1993 Robert Ampeau & Fils Beaune 1er Cru Clos du Roi

Double decant about an hour before leaving for the restaurant last night. Based on a previous bottle I knew it needed a little air to open up and it also had a bit of sediment. This wine is in a good place right now. Cherries, flowers and a bit of earth and spice on the nose. Doesn’t seem very advanced at all. Medium+ body with mostly cherries and strawberries but with a bit of dark fruit on the finish. Good acidity and well polished tannins. I have one more bottle and one could certainly hold it for several more years to see where it goes. I think it will last for quite a while, but probably won’t get any better for my palate so I’ll probably drink it this year. Terrific wine with dinner, chicken liver pate starter, then roast chicken with cherry peppers, cherry tomatoes and italian sausage.


FWIW, I’ve enjoyed the Ampeau '93 Volnay Santenots many times. Not the most charming…but masculine and pleasing to drink and complement with food…Always showed decently…except the bottle that was corked. A couple left for “later”.

You’ve had better luck with that wine than I have. I think I’ve only had one or two bottles out of a dozen or more that were not corked.

Yes…I know I was lucky in that regard…at least from what I’d read of your experiences. maybe those bad corks got used up on only a few cases?

I’ve had some bottles of 93 Pommard recently with pretty decent luck - only 1 of 3 was corked!

I am ultra sensitive to TCA and now 9 bottles down in a case of 12 of the Volnay-Santenots, but no corked one as yet. I have also not heard from others who bought this wine locally. Might it be US problem?
The case was bought at the domaine in the early part of the century.

pre 1993 ?


No, that was the previous century… neener