1991 Newton Merlot unfiltered

Pop and poured.

Wow nice nose! Lots of cherry and cassis and the palate is silky smooth…still youthful in appearance but I would not wait much longer to drink this, it’s at it peak. A great wine for $30. [cheers.gif]

Nice little gem to have in the cellar, Steve.

They must have the majority of their wines unfiltered, as I know of them via their Unfiltered Chardonnay

Wow, I’m surprised that you held onto it for that long, or was this picked up down the road? I still have some '96 but the '91’s went buy buy loonnnngggg ago. If it was an original purchase, I’m sure that it was less than $30. CT says that I paid $24 for my 94’s.

A recent vintage on the shelf (2006, Costco price) was $40. I hate inflation. I liked it, but I was doubtful of the QPR, myself…

Interesting to see how long it stands up, though.

I had this wine when it was young, it was definitely great.

Glad to see that a) it has held up so well, and b) that you’re old enough to have one lying around. [wink.gif]

Jeff, I bought 3 bottles a couple of years ago on WB…2 were very good and 1 didn’t show.

Megan, the 91 vintage is my favorite from Cal. and believe me, wines from that vintage were built to last.

Brent, go get a tattoo. neener

Sweet! I still have a bottle of that.

Thanks for the note, Steve.

Haven’t had the merlot for years, but I’m working through the '90 and '91 cabs. Terrific wines

Any idea what the ABV was? They have gotten bigger, more alcohol and oakier over the years to an extreme, no?

Found the bottle…13%

Yes. I just checked some of my bottles. The '96 & '97 were 14.2% and the '99 was 14.5%. I stopped buying after the '99 vintage. The prices just seemed to keep increasing each year while the quality seemed to fade…not a good combo. The '91-'94’s were really nice and fantastic QPR’s. I’d be willing to pay the fare if they could make them like that again.