1989's TN: Mouton, Lynch, DC, Meyney, S. Anderson & Rieussec

Sorry that these are just brief thoughts as I was cooking and drinking at the same time…see avatar to left.

Mouton Rothschild–Still loads of fruit there with nice leather and cigar box notes. Wine is in a very good window right now.

Lynch Bages–Needs some more time as it was a tad restrained. Good nose of spice and black fruits. Was a little dusty to me. After being opened about 5 hours, it did start to develop a slight green bell pepper note on the palate…not off putting, but it was there.

Diamond Creek Red Rock Terrace–Amazing amount of fruit with structure still there. From an off vintage in Napa, it really shows that a top tier cab producer can still make an outstanding wine. Probably my favorite wine of the night.

S. Anderson SLD Richard Chambers Vineyard–Another suprising bottle from 1989. Nice nose of cherries and vanilla. Palate was well rounded with a medium finish.

Meyney–On the downward slope. Fruit is fading and the wine in general was a bit austere.

Rieussec–Medium dark, golden color. Nice nose of noble rot and palate of candied orange peel with a bit of coconut. Acid was still there. Very good bottle of sticky.

For kicks and giggles, I opened a 1968 Inglenook Zinfandel (12% ETOH) that I just happened to have. Looked and smelled like Tawny Port. Palate was more akin to Grand Marnier or Cointreau…pretty alcoholic and pronounced oranges. Was fun to try for $10.

To bad about the Lynch Bages, it’s usually a great wine.

Father Saxon, it wasn’t bad or off in any capacity. I think it needs more time to come around as Chuck stated as much since he has a good frame of reference for the wine. Kristi didn’t like the emerging bell pepper element, but it was in no way was a detractant to me. I have about a glass worth left in the bottle and will taste it when I get home tonight.

Good to meet you all. I also thought the Diamond Creek RRT was the wine of the night. Didn’t pick up on the bell pepper on the LB, but thought it started out slow and never achieved greatness. Weird that I thought the Mouton went from a nose of heavily charred barrels to a more interesting nose, but toward the end of the evening, I actually got slight hints of TCA (I’m fairly sensitive to it). Still, I liked it, just wonder if it was the best it could be. The S. Anderson was a little cooked or OTH for me, glad you enjoyed it more.

May have to place a big order with Flannery - yum! But the potatoes weren’t too shabby either.