1988 López de Heredia Tondonia Reserva (red) - any data?

Recently bought one of these from my local shop, and am curious: CT has but one note (from 1996, very laudatory from Xavier Auerbach) and shows five bottles in inventory - seems to me I’ve seen higher quantities listed for nonexistent wines. wine-searcher.com skips right over the 1988 vintage. google got me nada.

CT shows five cases of the blanco reserva from that year, and presumably bogus entries for white (9 bottles) and red (none) GR.

Any knowledge on this vintage - at LdH and Rioja generally? Was it very low yielding? Considered poor so that folks haven’t held on to 'em?

Good question about the 88 VT red reserva – definitely has me stumped…

The 88 vintage of the VT Blanco Reserva is one of my favorites. Just realized I’m down to my last bottle – bummer.

Definitely no GRs for VT (red or white) in 88. Both skipped from 87 to 91.


I once had a question about a LdH wine and i emailed the winery(its on their website) and they answered me within a few days.