1988 Gruaud

My god what an aroma. It defies meaningful description (or, at least, description by me), but it filled the kitchen with joy as it came out of the bottle, and I spent most of the next few hours with my nose in the glass. Just the faintest hint of Cordier funk layered underneath a sweet fragrance that lingers in my mind even this morning.

After that sort of sensation, this wine as slightly disappointing on its way down the gullet. It was lovely, don’t get me wrong, but the smell was other-worldly and the palate, well, was not.

Replacement cost is well more than twice what I paid and I won’t buy more unless another super deal comes my way. But having it last night was an absolute pleasure at a time when I really needed an absolute pleasure.

I found a large amount of bottle variation with this wine. Sounds like you got lucky or at least on the lucky side with yours.

It gave pleasure, that’s the key!

The 1988 Meyney is a major winner as well.

Cordier did wonders in the 1980s.

Never had the 88 Gruaud, but I also thought the 88 Meyney was so good. I’ve not had one in 8-9 years, makes me want to find some!

Always liked this one, though as Brian mentions, there is some variation. Some show so out of balance VA, imo.

Mine are long gone, but I remember when Sherry-Lehmann was blowing these out around 1998-'99 for $20 a bottle.

I bought mine last year for $60; they are ~$135 now.

I picked up 4 of these in France in the mid 1990s. They are long gone now, but along with the 1985 have left a lot of happy memories.

I don’t recall having had the 1988. It does sound like a wonderful wine and with the heights reached by the producer during that decade, I wouldn’t argue against it.

However for the money that it’s going for (as noted in the thread), springing a bit more for the excellent 1986 may be the more appropriate ticket.

I opened a 1990 this week that was stunning. Same complex and alluring nose you are referring to. Palate was black Raspberry, clove, cedar, warm spices and earth. Evolved over a few hours, floored all of us drinking. We’re not Bordeaux experts but we all preferred it over an 88 Petrus.

Cheers Neal. Bordeaux can be so magical when it is on. We had the 88 out of magnum recently and it was superb. The 82 and 85 have more fruit and depth but the 88 is classic.

My wife’s an 88, so I’ve strategically dipped back into Bordeaux that punch above in this vintage.
GL is at the top of the pecking order.
Great note!

Thanks for posting the note, sounds wonderful - still have 3 bottles of this left. Love this wine for its character and style. Very Cordier as Alfert says and very 1988 as well.
\cheers Brodie