1987 Rioja and 2011 1er Cru Saint Aubin

Two different nights, two different wines.

12 April 2018. 2011 Poisot 1er Cru Saint Aubin***
This comes from purchased fruit, as Remi Poisot does not own land here. Served at a cool temperature, slightly less than room temperature, but not much. Light gold color. Medium bodied. Cool dance between white and yellow fruits, with a lovely texture. Practically without acidity, but the texture kept this wine lively. Served with homemade pizza and salad.

13 April 2018 1987 Rioja Alta Vina Arana
Stored by a friend since release in 1989. Cork screw all the way through the cork, with the goal of extracting in one piece. Served
at around 60 (F). No “off” aromas. Pop and pour. Bouquet of dried rose and slight turned earth. Fresh, yet subtle.
Dried light fruits. Very good with Beautfort and cashews.

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****we represent Domaine Poisot.

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Love the older Riojas. I actually found that many of them need a couple of hours to wake up, so if you are popping and pouring, be sure you drink slowly.

Have had 2 bottle of the 2011 st aubin. First one was spectacular second one just pretty good. I like seeing wines ex domaine at this price point!

Had the 2011 again tonight and it was excellent. Wish I could find more of this