1986 Cabernet Suggestions

I am looking for a 1986 (birthyear wine for a friend) Cab or red blend. Would prefer WA State, but not finding many available for sale so I am open to other suggestions that are easy to find at retailers. Looking to stay under $200. Thanks!

Heitz did very well in 86 and they are still drinking well

Montelena is another.

Chateau Montelena did well in 1986. Don’t know current pricing.

A lot of excellent 1986 Bordeaux and they are very long lived. See the price of Rauzan Segla.

Spottswoode for sure.

Winebid has a 3L of '86 Ch Montelena this week. Currently uncontested, with a starting bid of $480. Over your budget, but go in with one or two others and have a nice celebration !

1986 is also my birth year and I had a great 86 La Lagune last week.

Me too. Not the birth year part, but La Lagune is very nice

A big +1 on both the Montelena and the Rauzan Segla. Not sure on WA options going back that far.


1986 Woodward Canyon cab.

1986 Leonetti Cellar Merlot is famous, but their cab was good that year, too: available cheaply via Wine Searcher.

1986 Quilceda Creek Cabernet Sauvignon.

We recently popped both a 1986 Dunn Howell Mountain and 1986 Dunn Napa…mui bueno. Easily found.

1986 Silver Oak Napa and Vinoquest…magnum…250 bucks It’s very good.

1986 Pahlmeyer should be in your budget, as well.

La Jota does not get enough love. Their 1986 cab, cab franc, or merlot would be great.

Dunn’s 1986 Howell Mt. and Napa bottlings are both great and will no doubt have plenty of stuffing left. I think the 1986 Bordeaux are for the most part in a very good spot as well. 1986 LLC, Pape Clement, R-S, and the Cordier wines are all personal favorites from that vintage.

+1 on the Dunn HM. My recent bottles have been excellent.

Any of the Diamond Creeks should be in a good place.

Damn! I should have thought of that!

Great idea.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I will start hunting some of these down!

Dunn Howell Mtn and Ch. Montelena would be excellent choices

If you like old school Bordeaux, you pretty much can’t go wrong with the Medoc in 1986. I had the Lynch Bages and Pichon Lalande last year, and both were otherworldly good.

Bordeaux beauty, 1986 Gruaud Larose

I love Mondavi’s from that era. have one waiting in the wings for my wife’s birthday (also an 86er) as a matter of fact. paid $76 for it last year!

also, are you wanting to stay new world?

Definitely Dunn. All day long. Also Forman.