1977 Ridge Langtry Road Zinfandel Blend

Had a 1977 Ridge Langtry Road Zinfandel Blend last night. Amazingly, it was full of fruit and just delicious. I have had this with older Geyservilles before, but did not know that some of their lesser known Zins also age very well.


I’m envious. Some of these less known bottles can be magical. Glad it was a good one.

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I wonder if the fruit came from Schoolhouse.

I believe I answered my own question.




Langtry Road is the road spur off Spring Mt. Road that leads to School House Vyd. Both owned by Johnny Gantner.
1979 Langtry Rd is great as well.

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Bumping this thread as I was listening to the ‘History of Wine’ podcast, hosted by Matthew Kaner (very good podcast by the way), and they were talking about Ridge Langtry and School House wines. I was surprised to not see more discussion about them as they seem to be the type of wines that are popular around here (or I just couldn’t get the search function to produce what I was looking for). Anyone have thoughts on the Mescolanza or Chateauwoof blends?

The School House Mescolanza zin blend is basically the grapes they were selling to Ridge to make the Langtry Rd Claret. They age really well, and are an amazing value:)

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Happy to hear that, thanks. Free shipping on their orders, I’m going to give them a try