1971 Jos. Christoffel jr.: Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Beerenauslese Riesling (Mosel, Germany).

I purchased this rare German Riesling some years ago as a museum release direct from the winery. 1971 is one of THE greatest vintages for German Riesling in the last 60+ years. It was also the year where there were significant changes in the German wine laws, some of which are still being argued about to this day. AP number 2606085/1/72. Love the old fashioned label. I removed the red wax and extracted the original petite cork. A clear medium amber colour with a clear rim. The nose is slow to unfurl its charms. Initially I smell old leather hardback books, aged wooden church pews and beeswax. With more air and time, soft homemade quince jam, crystallised ginger and dried peaches come alive. The mouthfeel is gentle, slowly caressing my taste buds with every small sip. Dried peaches and apricots, green herbs, finishing with old 1940’s era Benedictine liqueur dryness. This liquid treasure is drinking well now for me and will stay on its drinking plateau for some years to come.



So nice!

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Yummy! So happy to see you posting Nicos.

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Don, thank you for your kind words. It is always my pleasure to hear from you.

1971 is indeed (one of the) greatest vintages in Germany.
I think I had the Christoffel Auslese once, not the BA, but it was also ver fine
(app. 6 years ago).

Sounds tasty. I have some of the Auslese’s left as well, looking forward to re-trying them.