1970 Figeac

If you are looking for a wine to show someone what advanced age does to a well-made bordeaux, this is an excellent choice. Everything I look for in a wine was here. It doesn’t shout at you; it whispers seductively in your ear. Soft but not flabby, friendly but not frivolous . . . just plain delicious. If your life isn’t working out, drink more wines like this.

I like vacation, and I am damn good at it. Sorry to see it go.

That’s a great note to read.

I have some '66 and '70 Magdelaine that I am hoping show the same. I think they are sorta cut from the same cloth.

Glad you enjoyed your vacation. You do do that well. I could take lessons. I’m terrible at it.

I had a '70 Lafite a few years ago which didn’t whisper, it groaned, wasn’t soft, but crumbling, not friendly, but crabby,… just plain awful. Gimmie a flavorable 15.5 SQN any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Very nice note, Neal. I bought a case of this for $110 in 1977, but sold most of it to my roommate when I moved back from Colorado. Sigh, wish I’d saved a few…

Not altogether surprised by this. Not a good time for Lafite, and I have yet to have decent bottle of it. But poor as it is, it wouldn’t drive me to SQN, Figeac at a fraction of the price (and alcohol) would be a very satisfactory choice.

Yea, quite an odd comparison. Could not imagine much more contrast in wines and styles.

And yet, I had, and enjoyed, both over vacation.

The 70 Figeac is magical. Multiple layers of flavor and an enchanting nose. Thanks for bringing back the memory. Cheers.

Great wine. A good bottle has insane energy–very fresh and very multidimensional.

70 Magdelaine is killer too. Maybe more subtle and richer than Figeac. Even beyond accounting for the different blend. Waves of flavor.

Love '66 Magdelaine too. It’s been a few years though. '67 is also very good.

Been a few years since I had the '70 Figeac but remember it fondly. I still have half a case of '70 Belair left though, bought at auction a few years ago. Although there’s more bottle variation, I’ve had a couple of great bottles of this recently. Never tried the Magdelaine.

As for the '70 Lafite I’ve never tried this wither but it doesn’t have a great reputation. In fact as far as I understand this was the chateau at their lowest ebb. I’ve had stunning bottles of '62 and '75 though so don’t agree with the oft-held notion that everything post-war before the '82 can be discounted.