1970 Bodegas Palacio GR Glorioso

No occasion, little forethought, Tuesday night. Wife pulled some Flannery hangers and I’d set this upright more than a month ago on a high shelf in passive storage.

Cork a bitch, out in two pieces but wine side had held a real seal. Nice initial nose and amazing color for near fifty.

Just a really delicious, well-aged Rioja. Red-fruited attack and an intoxicating nose if you gave the stem a gently swirl to blow off some old wine smell. Really long finish but I knew the three of us had to aggressively drink this as the greatness wouldn’t last beyond an open hour or so.

Probably 19s best wine experience, though 13 Egon down in CA in June was pretty schwifty too.

It’s good to see you and Mel are eating and drinking well. We hope to join you sometime soon!
I own a few of these, and a couple of the '59, which is the only one I’ve opened so far. Here’s my TN on that one:
“A beautiful and crystal clear brick color with scant ruby, and no change in the meniscus. The nose was spectacular: dense cigar box, old leather, licorice, caramel, and a hint of bold red fruit. The palate was also wonderful; crisply acidic but balanced, remarkably fresh, silky mouthfeel. What a great experience!”
Some of these old Riojas are bullet-proof.

Yeah, this was laced with anise too. Good call there Warren.

And seriously, you don’t have to drink it fast. It will hold on for a while. I once spent an entire afternoon with a friend and a bottle of 1947 GR.

Greg, we all did think it browned-up a bit and lost aroma at about 75 minutes.