1968 BV GDL -- signature help?

I bought a bottle of 1968 Beaulieu Georges de Latour recently and when it arrived today I noticed it had what appears to be an Andre’ Tchelistcheff signature on it which is quite cool. Can anyone add any thoughts on what the rest of this inscription says? 3 photos attached.


Super cool! Love this wine. Bought it for a very close friend who is a 1968 baby, we popped it on his 40th. On his 50th I got him a Mayacamas.

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kinda the same story here – it’s my wife’s birth year so been trying to add a few good ones when I can!

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My brother gave my wife and me a bottle of 68 BV Reserve for our first anniversary. It was THE bottle that kicked off my wine journey nearly 50 years ago.

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Let us know how it tastes!

I had a bottle of this earlier this year and it’s simply legendary and still SO full of life!

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Best I can do is

in Zepz Coring

You’re welcome

My wife is a 68 and this bottle was the only drain pour from that 50th birthday weekend! 68 BV Burgundy was excellent though.

Signature is awesome.

I know right? :crazy_face: Its probably just like a “Best wishes” kind of thing so probably not worth me staring at it so much but I am stumped. Thank for the attempt! lol

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Do we all agree the second picture starts out ‘for Richard…’

Could be worth something so see what the value is and then buy a case of amazing wines.