1967 Fontana Saverio Barolo (Castiglione Falletto)

Picked this up in NYC at Astor near where we are staying (for @$100). Original bottling, in very nice condition, stood up for about 5 days–there was chunky sediment in bottom, did not notice any of the stringy stuff Barolos sometimes get. Gave it a short (1 hour) “audouze.”
Partner’s birth year and this bottle was still going strong. Not a huge bouquet, its strongest feature was some beautiful sweet red fruit that showed up after the wine had breathed a bit in glass; some acid notable on the balsamic finish, and perhaps still a little tannin. Lovely drink and held its own throughout the eventing. Don’t know anything about this producer, and this was probably never a great barolo. But it certainly was, and remains a very good one, no doubt the vintage playing a considerable role.