1964 DRC La Tache Sadness

Another local business owner wanted to show off a bottle but didn’t have a Durand. The bottle clearly was improperly stored since the fill line was below the shoulders of the bottle. He said he didn’t want to sell it because he knows it’s faulty, but just wanted to open it anyway. I’m not sure how he acquired the bottle I just was the person opening it for him. I peeled off the wax and to my surprise the cork had completely shriveled up and looked like a dehydrated mushroom. I didn’t even need to use an opener and I could pull the cork straight out.

Poured a small amount in some glasses and we all tried it. Surprisingly for being fully oxidized the wine still had minerality and acidity still left. There was no fruit on the palate, but had the illusion of some on the nose.

It was worth it for this owner because he’s going to use the bottle as a video for Instagram and later I had found out a politician was bragging about trying this wine on his Instagram saying this is a $25,000 bottle. I rolled my eyes as I saw the post, but that’s just how it is on social media.

It makes me a bit sad thinking about all these rare wines being stored poorly.

These older DRC are actually not that expensive especially if they look a bit suspicious.

I agree and at that point I think you’re paying for the “bottle flex” more so than the wine inside. I’m not entirely sure where they got this absurd dollar amount from, but people are gullible. It’s an interesting way to find a sherry :stuck_out_tongue: