17 year old Sauvignon Blanc

A very good friend of mine drank this last night. He told me how fresh it was. He is a very informed taster and usually our palates align.

I don’t have experience with aged SB white table wines, only dessert wines.

Anyone ever have an aged SB (non-dessert wine) with this color that was still alive? [thankyou.gif]

That particular SB is meant to be ageworthy. It gets extended oak. Good bottles are, I think, some of my most interesting wines.

Yep. They’re in Margaret River where a number of folks are making wine to age. As far as SB goes, it can indeed age, as can Chenin Blanc and a number of other whites. People on this board usually talk about white Burgundy, but wines from Graves and the Loire can often be aged very successfully. As can many Spanish whites. As far as SB goes, it’s one that I like more with age since I don’t usually like it so much when young. As it ages, some of the bell pepper gets hidden by the metallic and toffee notes that it picks up.

I am drinking a stash of 1990 de Ladoucette at the moment. It’s great.

17 years used not to be a problem for Sancerre, Pouilly-Fumé and white Bordeaux.

I just had my last bottle of a 2006 SB-semillon blend from South Africa – Cape Point Vineyards Isliedh. It was excellent, and I wish I had more to age at least ten more years. My experience is similar to that above – the green pepper that can be so dominant, particularly on SB, softens and dissipates with time leaving a remarkably delicious wine.

Leeuwin Art Series is I believe a particularly long lived wine. I"ve had old Dagueneau SB and it’s pretty special. Certainly have no worries about other SB’s like “Y” d’Yquem aging for a log long time too (though that has Semillon in it as well)…

I will say though that the picture represents an aggressive pour!

I still have a few Sauvignons from Styria (Austria) from 1997, 1999 and onwards …
Many are great and more interesting than in their youth …

Francois Cotat, Edmond Vatan, etc.

I believe the current vintage of Kalin Sauvignon Blanc is the 2001, and the last bottle I had was very enjoyable.

That is a nice report (and pour!) I tasted the vertical of Luc Morlet’s La Proportion Doree and found the premiere release 2006 still had plenty of life remaining.

I knew of the Kalin Semillon, Garrett. Not aware of a SauvBlanc.

I wish there were more Steirmark SauvBlancs imported into this country. Alas, they’re
few & far between. The few that I’ve had makes me think Styria should get more recognition
for them. Much like they should for their SchilcherWein!! [snort.gif]

one problem Styria (and Austria generally) had and still has: the quantities of the best wines are tiny … so not much left for export - and usually Austrians like to drink them themselves … [cheers.gif] [wow.gif]

2nd: I don´t know enough about how the (3 tier) system really works … but if a wine which is hardly 20 Euro here … is 50-60 $ statesside … well, not much fun for consumers …

3nd: if Trump(le) goes on with his policy of shutting up there soon will be no Austrian (and Europaen) wines at all …
with elevated custom duties etc. … I´m afraid [shock.gif]

Andi Kollwentz of the eponymous estate in Burgenland
fed me and Schildknecht a bottle of their 1979 Steinmühle SB in 2003; it was gorgeous.

Tom, I had several very enjoyable bottles of their Potter Valley Reserve Sauvignon Blanc from the early Nineties (1991 I remember specifically.)

Yup…you’re right, Frank. I forgot about those PotterVlly SauvBlancs. Don’t know if
Terry still makes them or not.

Was this wine under screw cap? Pinking in SB under screw cap can happen if certain precautions DO, So2, ect are not taken into account.


Ha. You had me wondering if I messed up my inventory. I finally got around to pulling the bottle…looking at it right now. 2001 Kalin Cellars Sauvignon Blanc Livermore Valley. I’d posted a picture if I knew how. Anyhow, a very nice wine and great QPR for the $20-$30 I paid for it.

On the other hand the 2 bottles of 1999 Kalin DD Pinot Noir I bought at the same time were both brown and completely shot.

I recall a Wine & Spirits magazine column by Josh Greene on aged California Sauvignon Blanc. A friend/acquaintance of his popped a bottle of ~20 year old SB from ??? (I forget:Frog’s Leap? Duckhorn? Matanzas Creek?). The author loved it, and encouraged readers to try it out.

Different article, different author, same point: