15 Geyserville in Atl?

Does anyone know where I can get some 2015 Ridge Geyserville in Atlanta? Ideally at a good deal.

Meant to buy a case from the site but never got around to it and now there’s a 2 bottle limit.

Would appreciate any help.

Check out total wine. The one here near my house started carrying it. Bought about 10 so far. I’m in Dallas so I assume you have one since you’re in ATL

I’ll check. I called there and they said it was still the 14. Prices in atl are so much worse on ridge wines than Dallas. That total wine by the Best Buy in Dallas has it for like 33 a bottle I think

I bought some today in Seattle from Total Wine. $34.99/bottle but I had a 15% off coupon that got it below $30. Insane value.

If Total in Atlanta has 2014 then the distributor (Atlanta Wholesale Wine/National Distributing) is probably still shipping the 2014…

If you know of a new TW that just opened up you might want it check with them.

One here in West Plano opened about a couple months ago. After about the first couple weeks of opening they started stocking the '15s.

Where the heck did you get a 15% off coupon?

Only time I got 15% off is if they had a special for buying a mixed case.

If your sign up for their total rewards program (which you should because it’s free), you get coupons emailed to you all the time.

They vary in what the offer is, but 15% is pretty common. The latest/greatest was 20% off winery direct old-world wine when you buy 6 or more…which is literally most of their Bordeaux. There were some pretty solid deals to be had.

Just buy the 2014, it’s better.


Lol… that settles it

I popped the 09 Geyserville last night along with a 2014 Bedrock Heritage and a 2013 Turley. The group all preferred the Geyserville. I was a little surprised that the American oak is not taming yet, but more so, how much vanilla the Bedrock showed. It has 40% new French oak. I don’t recall ever picking up that much vanilla in a prior version of the Heritage. Both very good wines notwithstanding. The Turley is rocket fuel at 15.9%. Yuk.

They are both great but different. I’ve put in a stash of both in my cellar and look forward to trying them side by side down the road.

BTW both are very approachable now unlike some previous vintages.