$10K to drop on wine - whaddya buy?

You’re asked to show up to your recently deceased Uncle Fester’s reading of the will, and find out you’ve been left $10K USD. But the executor tells you there’s a catch - you only get the $ if you spend it on wine and it has to be spent within the next month. Can be current wine or futures, doesn’t matter. What do you buy? [wink.gif]

As opposed to buying cases of “affordable” bottles, I would buy a trophy few bottles that I would otherwise never buy. A few first growths, DRC, etc.


Yeah, I’ve never had a DRC and won’t absent a circumstance like this. And $10k will probably get me a nice .375 so that’s what I’d do.

Yes, I agree. Given that I have enough of most wine I drink I’d go for something I can’t usually afford. Maybe 2 bottles of La Tache. Alternatively, a case of G. Rinaldi Barolo, a case of Egon Muller Auslese and a case of Pol Roger Churchill. I’d probably have to short those cases to get in under $10K though.

just put it straight into my wine merchants account, I spent that money a long time ago

I’d stock up on Shafer HSS 30-35 bottles I guess

I’d buy a couple cases of '16 first growths (OWC 6-packs)… Mouton and Margaux, and spend the other $3K buying down the line stuff.


1x DRC Romanee Conti, if you can even find a 750 for <$10K these days

I’d finally make serious purchases of grossly overpriced Burgundy because yay windfall.

Too easy. Buy a bunch of stuff that you like, but is just beyond your comfortable purchase threshold. With 10k you can get 50 $200 bottles, or 100 $100 bottles; that’s a pretty nice windfall.

I actually had a relative die and leave me a small sum, with pretty much the same instructions – buy something fun. I bought hifi gear

I too would probably buy 1 bottle of a trophy wine that I would never buy otherwise. The rest would go toward high end older wines that would back fill my cellar. Possibly some 25-35 year old Bordeaux, CA cab, Barolo, or vintage Champagne.

5,000 bottles of Two Buck Chuck.

I will assume that I have my current wine cellar and am at my current age. So, the issue is what would I want to add to my current cellar. Because I have so much, I would want to get wines more expensive wines than I normally buy.

Higher end Champagne - Based on tasting it this week, Dom Ruinart 2002 would be a start. Also, some Krug.

White Burgundy - Most of my white Burgs are premier crus or villages wines. Even though it is probably stupid given premox, I would not mind some grand crus - thinking PYCM and Ramonet.

Bordeaux - 1996 and 1998 Haut Brion, 1982 (only have one left and the wine is getting really good) and 1996 Leoville las Cases, some Palmer and, of course, some d’Yquem.

Splurge on some Hudelot-Noellat Richebourg and Romanee St. Vivant and grand crus from Mugneret-Gibourg.

A magnum of 2015 Juge?

Serious answer based on my gut reaction: a serious stash of 1996 Krug.

Next thought: Giacosa Red Labels

Is this a joke?
Why would you have to spend it in one month?
Right, temperatures are warming up in the south and west.

Where can u get a couple of cases of each for 7k?

One bottle of 2016 Margaux is over $1k. :frowning:

I’d take my champagne game to the next level, even at $100-250 you can buy quite a stash of nice bottles to toast Uncle Fester for many years.

Jayer, from Gil Lempert-Schwarz