10-year Participants! Our BerserkerDay MVPs

I will post our 10-year participants here in this thread, so they can get a little extra attention, as these companies have been participating for all (or nearly all) of the BerserkerDays since I had them in a dedicated forum (which can be accessed as an archive via the Index page if you ever want to look at them)

No info on the offers, but just giving an extra shout out to the following 10-year MVPs, so be sure to check out their offers on Wednesday!

Biggio Hamina
Lagier Meredith
Loring Wine Company
Jean Edwards Cellars
Briceland Vineyards
Tercero Wines
Veleta Wines/Veleta Gourmets
JJ Buckley
Cabot Vineyards
Halcon Vineyards, whom I almost forgot!
EMH Vineyards




Looking forward to this exciting day!

BerserkerDay is always an exciting time for us. Seems like we’ve been doing it forever! Thank you all for your enthusiasm for this event.

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That’s an awesome list of recurring participants. Here’s to having that list of MVPs grow even longer champagne.gif

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Pretty sure I bought from 9 or 10 of these

Hello World (of Wine Berserkers)! As a newcomer to the site (just in time for BD12), let me say that I really appreciate Todd posting this list of 10-Year Berserker Day MVPs. As I’ve now had a week to thoroughly dive into the details of all the Newbie Winemakers/Vendors coming to this year’s show, I realize that I’m now experiencing the effects of Newbie-bias. This is a good reminder that I should spend my remaining waking hours performing due diligence on the nearly 100(?) BD veterans who have supported the WB community throughout the years. As a long-time lurker, I have certainly benefited from (and often been entertained by) your knowledge, opinions, and jibes. Now it’s payback time! I have multiple credit cards (and other payment methods) at the ready. Bring on BD12!!!


Strong first post! welcome.

And to the MVP’s - thank you.

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Would not miss Berserker Day!! It is great fun and like a feeding frenzy!!

But more than Berserker Day, I love Wine Berserkers. Everyone here has been my backbone several times. You cannot know how much I love the community of friends I have here!! flirtysmile flirtysmile flirtysmile


I got into wine 3 years ago as I’m 26 but already have a huge cellar of CA wines! I’m excited for Wed. just in time for BD12!

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Got any space left for an out of the way Spanish winery?? neener newhere

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Congrats to all of the 10-Year Participants! I have bought wine from 3 of the wineries on that list, and some great olive oil from Nola…I have been very pleased with all of my purchases…and I am sure that there will be more purchases in the next few days!

It’s a privilege and an honor to take part in BD each and every year. As the 2nd winery to ever sign up to WB (Brian Loring beat me by a few hours!!!), it’s been a rollercoaster of fun, informative, aggravating, tear-jerking, and friend-building 12 years and for that I am forever grateful. I continue to be as ‘active’ as I’ve ever been - usually pumping up Santa Barbara County and domestically grown rhone variety producers - but definitely not too busy to stick my neck out on other topics. And it’s always a blast when someone comes up to me at my tasting room or at an event and introduces themselves and mentions that they ‘know’ me from this site - and that the ‘same person’ in person as I am here on the board. There certainly are tons of ‘lurkers’ out there who hopefully will become active members in the coming years as well.

And I do hope the wineries that participate in BD understand that it is not a ‘right’ but a ‘privilege’ and they take the opportunity to immerse themselves and become part of the beauty that is the Wine Berserkers community.



Thank you!!!

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Appreciate all of you guys taking part in this and getting access to some things I wouldn’t otherwise notice!

I’ve bought from 9 on the list, 10 if Chester’s Anvil counts. And JJ buck is auctions only?

JJ Buckley is auctions only, yes, but since most of those cards go for less than their value, it’s like a 10-25% off coupon!

I’ve bought from all of them but JJ Buckley and can recommend them all.

What is Monopole Cru?


Slacker here.
Batting .500 which as a baseball fan is terrific!