10 Barrel Brewing Acquired by AB.

I can’t think of when this has been a good thing. Hopefully Tonya will continue to have the freedom to make her amazing (and award winning) small-batch sour beers.

Need Zofran now.

I’ve always wondered why the big boys are buying more small craft breweries, especially since their attempts at releasing a decent craft beer has been dismal at best. Budweiser also just purchased Blue Point Brewing out of upstate New York whose Toasted Lager is huge on the East Coast.

Wouldn’t their lack of success in this market segment be a reason to buy successful competitors? It makes a lot of sense to me.

Personally not crazy about this - hopefully 10B is a subsidiary in name only and Retain control over all brewing decisions. The silver lining should be better distro across the country.

Goose Island has remained decent despite AB ownership. I’d expect more of this going forward. If you’re the biggest name in the game losing marketshare to smaller labels, a smart move is to buy a lot of those small labels. At least if you have AB capital to work with in the process.

Can’t see the harm. I mean, consolidation by large multinational corporations has been a boon for the wine industry.

I tend to disagree when it comes to the Belgian stuff. I mean Honkers seems just fine with increased production but I have actually stopped buying Sophie and Matilda which were two of my favorite beers.


I don’t know, I don’t really drink those. But the Lolita kicks ass and that’s a sour.

There’s lots of commentary about this in the blog-o-sphere. Here’s one I like.

I’ve seen another that talks about InBev’s efforts to destroy craft brewing in Illinois. When I find it, I’ll post it.

I like that Economist quote about corporations, fookin’ aye truth there.

I hope consumers remain wise and continue to find and support small craft brewers.

AB can buy whatever it wants. Now, let’s see people step in to fill the void and create the “new” 10 Barrel Brewing. [cheers.gif]

God that S.A.M. IPA or double IPA they made last year was just glorious.

Haven’t noticed 10B in the local stores. Now that A-B owns them they’ll have distribution so I can try them before the brewers start jumping ship.

The deal doesn’t close until the end of the year. At this point they only have distribution in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho - which is pretty amazing given that they expect to sell 40,000 barrels.