08 Rousseau Clos de la Roche question

Just received shipment of 3 bottles.

Have zero experience with this producer but have heard nothing but raves.

Try a bottle now or just let them all sleep?

I’ve had the '08 Mazis and Cazetiers over the past few weeks. Seems like Rousseau hit the ball out of the park in 2008. They’re drinking very well, but should age incredibly well. With multiple bottles, couldn’t hurt to give one a try.

Dan, you have three, open one up to get a baseline. 08s have been a little hit or miss lately for me, but I love the vintage. I have a couple also, so would love to hear what you think of it.

I had both the Clos St. Jacques and Chambertin -08 lately. Simply stunning wines! I don´t think you will have any other experience with Clos de la Roche. Fasten your seat belts and pull the cork.

Funny, I popped a village GC when the 08s showed up in Portland, and found the wine pretty well shut down. It made me glad I pulled that cork rather than one on the more expensive bottles…

Would your goal be to get a sense of the Rousseau style? Or to consider buying more of the Roche?

my advice it at this point to let them all sleep.
I would open an 07 over opening an 08.

I´d rather open a 1985!
I had two Clos de la Roche 1985 side by side a month ago, Rousseau and Bouree, both fine, but the Bouree was simply mindblowing.
Might be the same with 08 Rousseau, but only in 2030+

Robert, I am opening an 85 Chevillion NSG Les Perrieres tonight

I don’t think the 08 Charmes is as good as the 03,06, and 07.

Had both the 07 & 08 this week.

You are a lucky man!

Fixed neener

Sorry Suzanne-one should never jump to conclusions!

Yes. newhere

close your eyes and buy Rousseau at a decent price in a good vintage.
there is always a market for resale, if you don’t like it down the road.

I wish it were that easy. It’s the decent price part that’s difficult to find…

Sounds like someone is starting to dole out some bucks for his burg. [help.gif] [inquisition.gif]

Got em for $175.

Hudak! Either that or Shafer HSS for more…

very good price buy more. if they have more than you want… I’ll take some.