08 DP rose and pink champagne serving temps

I’ve been lucky enough to have the 08 dp rose twice in the last month and it’s been an absolute jeckyll and hyde wine both times, with one constant factor causing the difference - serving temperature. When served “properly” cold, it has been awkward, disjointed and not particularly pleasant at all. When left to warm up to something more akin to what one might serve a red burg at, both bottles blossomed into a stunning wine, capable of competing with the 08 cristal rose.

I typically like champagne ice cold and that’s how I have always served the pink versions too. However, this experience left me wondering whether that was completely wrong, just as it would be to serve a red burg at the same temp as a white burg. Thoughts?


I rarely find any champagne enjoyable ice cold. I save that temp for the cheap stuff.

And I agree that rose champagne usually should be served warmer than non-rose champagne. And blanc de noirs often need slightly warmer temps than blanc de blancs.

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Yeah I wouldn’t say ice cold is “proper” by any means. Maybe that’s how you enjoy it, but most people I know like it just slightly below cellar temp. With any wine, you lose all the aromatics and it numbs the palate when it’s ice cold.

My thoughts exactly, for any Champagne ( not just rosé).

treat it as a grand cru white burg and serve in a proper burgundy glass and roughly cellar temp. that’s how DP serves it. and let it air for a good bit as well.

i can’t think of any wine that’s worth drinking served ice cold.

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I’m a redneck. You know, Florida Man and all that. Y’all drink that fizz too warm! ;). Had it a few weeks ago with Jorge. Started a bit warm and we iced it down. I can’t tell you where it hit that sweet spot, but it was definitely much colder than cellar temps, maybe low-40s. I found it more focused and precise here. As it warmed, I found it a bit more diffuse. Now bear in mind that I will never ever hold myself out as a champagne connoisseur like you folks. I’m just a simple
Man with simple tastes.


I like my champagne pretty darn cold, especially early, then open up as it warms a bit in glass. I do not prefer it at 55 degrees and warmer like I would a normal white burg, because champagne is not a normal white burg. But to each their own on this.


I’m curious: were you drinking indoors or outdoors? If the latter, what was the weather like? Do you generally prefer Champagne so cold? I consistently get a whole lot less in terms of aroma at such low temperatures, to an extent where it seems like a waste if I have really good Champagne.

I’m in this camp also, like to follow it as it warms a bit.
Also always avoid drinking it from a flute, we use our Zalto Universals at home and big wine glass at restaurants.

I tend to do the same but had to scratch up the center bottom of the basin. The damn Zalto and GGG glasses are so smooth that they kill the mousse on the champagne. If you “etch” the bottom even just a touch, it will retain the mousse. Mousse requires some imperfection (or dust). Champagne is supposed to have a mousse!

Thanks for the tip, although my wife only lets me drink out of them, and nothing more. Can’t imagine telling her I’m going to try and scratch the bottom of the glass! FWIW, what did you use to do this?

Inside almost always. FL is generally too warm for me to enjoy wine outside. Outside is for cocktails!

That makes sense. I wasn’t sure if you were in FL when you had it. In that case, my preference for temperature is just different from yours. What surprises me is that you can find the nuance in such a complex wine as this must be (haven’t had the '08) at such low temperatures. I cannot.

I’m guessing that i drink most of my wines slightly cooler than most on these boards. It’s a preference issue, for sure.