07` Philipponnat Clos des Goisses

2007 PHILIPPONNAT CLOS des GOISSES BRUT- 65% Pinot Noir, 35% Chardonnay; as indicated on the back label, it was bottled in June 2008 and disgorged in September 2016 at 4.5% g/pl; I just had to open another young champagne to get a read on it and am I glad to have done so here; it is absolutely fabulous; fresh citrus dominates the aromatics and continues on in the taste profile along with spice, ginger, saline and more specifically, lemon zest; it had a medium full body, a creamy mousse and all of the treasures staying the course through the finish; I liked that it was not sweet; it`s nicely acidic which should allow for ageing and a lovely mature expression.

Now the challenge is for me to keep my hands off the other bottles for a few years. Wish me luck!


This one got very expensive very quick. Didn’t really have a chance to stock up before the prices soared. But I do love the wine. Thanks for the note.

Neal, I believe I paid $130 for mine with a caveat of buying the 08` which I did.

Great note, exactly what I was looking for. I have one bottle and to offsite it goes

Nice price!

The 08’ was $160. It will probably be my next too young bottle to open up.

I still have a couple of 96s, 02s, and 04s. Haven’t bought since.

Good for you Neal. I’m a big fan of CdG having first got turned on to them with the 90 vintage. A good friend represented them for years and cellared tons. Ive been fortunate to drink many with him in addition to the few I buy. The 96`s should be stellar.

The vineyard is a must visit should you go to the region. It`s steep and a hefty climb, but with a glass of CdG in hand as we had, it was easy.

Thanks for the note. I’m sitting on a mag of the ‘07 that I got from Envoyer for about $270.

I’ve been mildly obsessed when CdG since we visited the winery and hiked the vineyard, which is spectacular. The ‘99 is drinking very well right now.

I certainly agree on the 99; had it recently and it was superb. And 99 and 07 were supposedly "off" vintages, especially 07.

I have quite a few of the 06 which were sold for a pretty low price around the holidays.

Thanks for the note Blake. I’ve been a regular fan of Clos des Goisses since the ‘88, but stopped buying after the '02. It priced itself out of my comfort zone. Still have a stash of '96 and '02 in the cellar. Reading your reports are a vicarious thrill.

Great to hear from you on this David. I understand the pricing issue. I`ve personally elevated this release into the grand marque category and then it makes more sense to buy it relatively speaking. Don’t you just love my rationalization?

Sounds perfectly rational to me Blake! Clos des Goisses plays in the same sandbox with similarly-priced wines so in all fairness it wasn’t the value per se that stopped me. Just so many $$ in my budget for grand marque Champagne and Krug has been sucking them up of late.

Well, again, I like your style. Krug has to be way up there in my priories as well. And, I don’t seem to be able to pass on Cristal these days.

Well if I’m ever short on style all I need to do is read a couple of your posts Blake. You have a knack for just the right mix of TN, background wine info, and personal anecdote. Plus the pictures bring your gatherings to life. Living vicariously through them, keep it up.

Well, youre certainly not short of positive energy and vibes David. Appreciate your feedback and encouragement to keep up the notes. I’m blessed to have so many opportunities and wonderful friends who share great wines often.