07 CDP's, Am I the only one that finds these wines over-hyped?

Am I the only one that thinks that these wines are over-ripe and lacking acid??? Yes, they seem to provide real short term pleasure, but I wonder about the agability of these wines. I’ve seen so many 06s being discounted and I love the 06s. I certainly think the 05s are way better for the long term than 07. Time will tell, but I think this vintage will ultimately be looked at similarly to 97 in Napa.

Am I along in this? I am prepared to get slaughtered.

Some Brits who write for Decanter mag this month wrote an article that agrees with you.
They are getting slaughtered over there. How dare anyone question the anti consumer king??? deadhorse

I’ll check that out. I get Decanter but have not read the new issue yet. I’ve had this arguement already with a few people. I’ve tasted about 15-18 differant wines and they are all really delicious but they are jammy and over-ripe and I question the balance. I think CDP is going a bit like the Barossa did over the last 15 years. Push the alcohol and concentration to get the points.

Ignore the 07 hype and enjoy the current 06 pricing.

Ronniie, I love CDP and have been drinking them for many years. I bought quite a few 07’s and of those I have opened have not been impressed yet.
They seem to need more aging on all levels than the 01’s and 98’s I have enjoyed.
I am from Philly. I was at Venti last year with a friend Michael Bloom who is a Bordeaux Commanderie and loves French stuff. Do you know him?


I just had a number of 2003s that got 97 or more, and they are drinking way too well at this stage in their evolution. No secondary character to speak of, but ripe and coming together, and showing tons of character. No hints of shut down or dormancy.

It just struck me that while this style may turn out well in 20 years, few actually wait that long, and perhaps this style is one where many wines do not drink well along the aging road until then.

Just my $0.02.

I think 07 is a mixed bag. There are some very good wines as well as some over-ripe, hot, acidity deprived wines. Better than 03 in my opinion where I found only a couple wines I liked.

From what I have tasted, I think the ones that are less dependent on Grenache will have fewer problems aging, and I throw that out for all the Southern Rhones (Gigondas, Vacqueyras, CDR-V). So many of the crazy high RP scores are luxury cuvees of old vine Grenache, and those tend to be the ones that are the most divisive. I do think the hype is well deserved in the $10-$25 range, lots of immediate pleasure and short term aging potential for the $.

Recently tasted some 08s from various spots in the Rhone, and I think they will be better than expected, especially if the wineries choose not to make special cuvees and put all their fruit into one single CNDP.

I am from Philly. I was at Venti last year with a friend Michael Bloom who is a Bordeaux Commanderie and loves French stuff.

Hey Jack, I know Michael Bloom, although I don’t think I’ve seen him in about 8-10 years. I went to a couple of Commenderie dinners with him back in the day. I seem to recall sitting with him at a Malartic-Lagraviere dinner.

He had an Ausone 27 year vertical a couple of years ago at the Four Seasons that he threw to celebrate his 60th B-Day that was phenomenal. I flew in for 2 days for the event and needed a week to recover. I’ll tell him that you spoke of him, we speak regularly.

Was Walter Rich there? Talk about an amazing cellar. I don’t think he mas much Bordeaux younger than 1970. Last time I was there, he has about 7 full cases of 47 Mouton still with its Macy’s stickers on it from when he bought the wine at Macys in NYC.

Of course Walter was there. We enjoyed one of his 45 Moutons.

Asked and answered :wink: Seriously, lots of discussion on this over the past several months, take a look back at these threads

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Just suggested this over on EBob. Limited experience, but what I have tasted in the South Rhone from 08 reminds me of the spicy, middleweight CdR/CdP that has become less common of late.

That said, I like a lot of 07s, but as an example I prefer the Beau Mistral Rasteau VV to the Saint-Martin - the latter was too fat and sweet for me.

“I’ve seen so many 06s being discounted and I love the 06s.”
I enjoyed a few of the '06’s a couple weeks ago and they are showing well. Good chance to buy between '05 and '07 at still good prices.
Favs were Mon Aieul, Pegau, Beucastel and Charvin.
Oh yeah, the shop I work at, is known to sell all the above producers in most vintages…

My only knock on the 08s I tasted was that some were noticeably hollow in the middle palate, and more so in the lesser bottlings. May flesh out with some more time in the bottle, but not something I saw in the same wines from the last few vintages; not BAD per se, but just less so by comparison

I may have to try the 07s that those of you with good palates say are over-ripe and/or alcoholic. Since I view most CDPs as autere and acidic, maybe I can get enough flavor from the 07s to enjoy them and pick up some of those flavors inherant to the region that I have been unable to discern previously. Give me a list of the over-ripe ones to try.

I liked the '06 Marcoux and it’s good in '05 and '07 too…

I’ll beat the dead horse. Having tasted many of the top 07 CdPs, they need at least 8+ hours of vigorous decant to start to open up. How many of you guys are basing your views on “pop and pour”, the puritist way?

I agree some vintners over did ripeness, that is not a question! But most of the better wines will not start to hit peak in at least 10-15 years. Many are so shut down that 2-3 days or aeration is needed, what a sin?

I was recently talking with, what Ithought was a wine geek! He had already consumed all 6 mix cases of top chat. CdPs he had purchased. headbang Then he was wanting to talk about quality of the 07 vintage. What a narrow view! deadhorse