'06 Bachelet

2006 - Bachelet - Cote de Nuit Village - lovely pure nose of flowers and black currants.
A refined palate of dark berries. Terrific length. Possesses a certain amount of class.
I’m always surprised when I taste a wine from an appellation such as this, and realize the quality it isn’t that far from many wines from much more esteemed plots.
Sometimes it really does just come down to the winemaker.

On a similar note, an '05 Bize - Savigny - Vergelesses I sampled recently was extremely refined for a Savigny.

i really like 06 bachelet, since release it’s been real tasty

It’s only been in the last year or so that I have felt that this wine has finally come into its own. It was hard and ungiving for a very long time.

We’ve had 2 2006 Bachelet Bourgognes in the last 6 months, and both were thin, weedy, woody and unpleasant, not just the normal Bachelet restraint, which was what I got on these a year or so ago. Tossed out both bottles. Haven’t opened anything higher level yet, so fingers crossed you all are right in general.

wow that’s disappointing. These wines have usually exceeded expectations for me, although I have never had a shot at his Charmes Chambertin, which is supposed to be the top of the line. I have consumed the generic Bourgogne in several vintages (avoiding the problem years of the early teens) and these were quite satisfying. Just got one single bottle of the newest vintage, as allocations have gotten quite tight for '21s. Sorry your experience resulted in a couple of down the drainers…


I’ve had hit and miss experiences with Bachelet. Some wines are stellar, others are very green/weedy (recently an '09 Corbeaux blind seemed like a 2011). A friend said a recent bottle of 2012 Bourgogne was insanely green and hard, pretty much undrinkable. Yet other bottles (different vintages and bottlings) have been great. Bit of a head scratcher how anyone could make green/weedy wines in vintages like 09 and 12.

Thanks for the note.
I tasted this wine right after release (2008/09), thought it had good potential but it was ungiving then … so I left the remaining 2 bottles alone until now (I´ve got older Bachelet to drink …).
Maybe I´ll try one in 2023 … certainly no hurry …

You have to dig for this information, mostly through the grapevine, but JM had indicated he and others approached Bachelet about his cooperage choices for roughly the 09-12 vintages. Apparently there were suspect barrels that he was using. Took a bit of convincing, but rumored that he (Bachelet) grudgingly conceded there was a problem and switched coopers. Bad patch for his wines. No public admission of a problem. Of course this is all secondhand via my snooping on boards but Morris discussed this obliquely in one of his U-Tube events or a podcast I believe. These vintages show up at auction occasionally at pretty attractive prices…draw your own conclusions.