'05 Girardin - Corton - Renardes

2005 Girardin - Corton - Renardes - blueberry, blackberry, and cloves on the nose.
A palate of dark berries and chocolate.
Medium length.

A very enjoyable wine, and ready to drink.

I know Girardin may get little respect on this site, but this this wine was quite nice without being too exciting.

With the current pricing of Village wines often approaching $100, paying an average of about $60 for this wine, makes me quite happy to be drinking this GC wine instead of almost any Village wine !

I believe it! On the white side, I had a phenomenal 2004 Girardin Corton Charlemagne in 2020. As you say, not a hugely respected producer, in part due to lack of consistency, but very good when on the mark.

Just bought a bottle of their '19 Meursault Perrieres to try. William Kelley has been talking these up, I haven’t had Girardin for years, and thought I’d take it for a spin. Have to admit I’m hoping for at least a bit exciting though.

I guess I missed that Vincent Girardin was maligned around here? It’s one of my top whites recently on the village/1er side. I just recently picked up some GCs and looking forward to trying them.