'05 Drouhin - Chambolle - Pre Cru


Pure nose of cherries, strawberries, violets, cherries, and damp earth.
Deep cherry and candied fruit on the palate, with a healthy dose of Morey dark plum flavors. This wine really rings my bell !

I am a great lover of Chambolle and this wine checks all the boxes !
Beguiling complex raspberry flavors with the added dark cherry/plum favors of the vineyards closer to Bonnes Mares that adds complexity to the palate.

In this vintage, the wine possesses Grand Cru concentration and length and will surely be even better in a few years.

A perfect vintage for Drouhin’ style of winemaking, with the concentration of the vintage combining with the delicate touch of Drouhin’s wine making.
This wine is produced from the sites of Haut Doix, Les Borniques, Les Plants, and Combettes. Interesting that I’ve never seen a Chambolle premier cru with the Les Borniques designation even though it abuts Amoureuses.
According to the old Kramer book there are eight main producers of Les Bourniques totaling about 700 cases. I’ve never heard of any of these producers (Arbinet, Graillot,Porteret, Regnier, Roblot & Tachot), besides the 126 cases attributed to Jousset-Drouhin, which I assume is the Drouhin share of the vineyard, and 174 cases attributed to Paul & Maurice Hudelot, which I assume go into the Hudelot - Chambolle Musigny - pre cru ?

With the amazing quality here, I’ll be very curious to check out, in a few years, what Mme. Jobard did with her Amoureuses in this vintage !

Thanks. I have some of this…somewhere. Sounds like it is getting into a sweet spot.

Just had the 2002 version of this, which is still young and still in need of air, but quite beautiful.

I’ve had a Magnien Bourniques. Can’t recall vintage.

We had the 2015 version on NYE. Infanticide, for sure. But utterly delicious and elegant. A terrific young Burg and relative value.